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Safety instructions

Please pay attention to the following important points before and during your tour:


What is a Trike?

Our trikes are Rewaco Trikes.

A three-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, with two wheels in the back making it safe and comfortable to drive.

Are the Trikes automatic?

Our Trikes have a manual transmission .

Can we take the Trikes by ourselves and make our own tour?

No, it’s a guided tour. Our insurance only allows us to take you on guided tours.

Is it required to wear helmets?


Do we pay with Cash or Credit Card?

Cash and Paypal and Bank transfers are currently available.

Can we bring our children on the tour?

Children must be at least 6 years old and have a minimum height of 1.25 cm and the child must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Are we taking the Trikes off-road?

No, these Trikes are not suitable for off-road usage.

Can we swim at any of the beaches during the tour?

To cover as many attractions during our tour we can only stop at the beaches for pictures, so we just pass on our way to other attractions. So no, there is no swimming at any of the beaches.

What if it rains?

In Spain it almost never rains. When it does, we have to cancel your tour. We will try to reschedule, if possible.

Where do your tours start?

Our main meeting points are Los Alcazares (outside the 525 Hotel) and Cartagena port for our Cruise Ship Passenger clients.

Can we extend our tour once we are on it?

We try our best to accommodate you wherever we can but it very much depends on what other tours we have booked on the day.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes. We advise you to bring a jumper if its overcast.  Sunglasses also make for a more comfortable ride.

Do you provide refreshments?

There are opportunities for refreshment breaks along the route but please note these are not included within the cost of the tour.

Are your prices per person?

Our Prices are per trike, each trike can carry two passengers.

The price you pay is for the trike, you can choose to ride alone or with another passenger. If your party has an odd number (3 or 5 persons) please contact us and we will try to work out a special rate for you

What are your prices?

Our pricing structure is based on an hourly rate, we charge per trike (each trike carries 2 passengers – the price you see is for 2 people NOT each)

  1. hour  € 95.00
  2. hours €170.00
  3. hours €240.00
  4. hours €295.00

Our prices stay the same all year round.

When do your tours start?

Our normal starting times are 10:00hrs, 12:00hrs and 14:00hrs. Please contact us for special requests.